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Interesting Cases

Macular Pucker case2

60 years old lady presented with routine eye check up on 19-06-2007 with visual acuity 6/6 N6 in left eye & fine idiopathic cellophane maculopathy in left eye confirmed on OCT.
She was asked to conserve. 
She came on 21-04-2009 with distorted vision in left eye. Visual acuity 6/18p N10 in left eye & with definite Epi Retinal Membrane on OCT. 
She underwent vitrectomy with ERM removal. 
2 months post op her retina looked better but visual acuity dropped to 6/24.
Patient underwent subsequent cataract surgery with IOL & fundus became better & vision improved to 6/18p N10 with no ERM on OCT.
This case highlights that combined vitrectomy with Phaco could be a better choice than doing two separate surgeries as visual acuity decreased after vitrectomy due to cataract.
Patient still complaint of distorted vision though anatomy has been restored well.
Illustrating the need of early surgery in such type of cases with predictable results.