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About Us

The first and the most important step for successful doctor is to educate the patient, so they can decide, what is the best course and procedure, for themselves.

Life is a great teacher - and only those who learn from it can bear the mantle of changing others lives. One of the biggest gift that life has bestowed upon humanity is the power of sight. It is this priceless gift that motivated Dr. Vatsal Parikh's tryst with vision. An early family exposure to the trials and tribulations of retinal detachment reinforced his decision to join the medical community as an eye specialist. Driven by a humanitarian vision, Dr. Vatsal started his practice at home in addition to several charitable institutions, before moving on to join Hinduja hospital as Honorary Refractionist in 1985. Despite being well settled in his field, Dr. Vatsal yearned for total mastery over treating retinal disorders and this inspired him to go for a fellowship with the renowned Dr. S.S.Badrinath and his team at the famous Sankara Nethralaya in Chennai. The move proved a significant turning point. Dr. Vatsal became honorary consultant and Vitreoretinal Specialist at Hiduja Hospital and soon after, started private practice at Peddar Road, Mumbai. After, seven years of private practice and an ever growing patient base, Dr. Vatsal thought it was time to offer his specialist treatments to the patient community on a bigger scale and all modern facilities put under one roof. With that noble aim, Drushti Eye & Retina Centre was born.

Drushti eye & Retina Centre is strategically located at Opera House, the heart of Mumbai city. A modern, fully- integrated Eye Care Centre, Drushti earned a pioneering reputation in just a short span of time. It has been credited as the first Centre to offer computerized patient-database in specialized software, the first to have a LAN system with eight terminals functioning since 8 years and the first such Centre to pioneer live digital recording of eye surgeries. Drushti Eye & Retina Centre is ISO 9001 certified and ranks among one of the few institutions to be equipped with the most advanced instruments to diagnose and treat patients in a holistic manner. The Center is ably led and managed by Dr. Vatsal's wife and Centre Administrator -Dr. (Mrs.) Chetna Parikh. While patient counseling is done by Dr. Vatsal himself, he is supported by a well-structured team that's qualified, well-mannered and trained to dive first priority to the patient's well being. Together, the Drushti team work towards fulfilling their higher goal-of "not only improving the eye condition of patients, but also changing their lives- through a well-balanced mix of treatment, after care and much-important patient education". The Centre regularly imparts Patient Education through educational booklets on eye diseases and public lectures. lt. is this absolute of dedication, commitment and concern for eye-patients that has made Drushti Eye & Retina Centre and Rajvi Nursing home- a trusted institution, where modern eye care technology & humanitarian healing meet.


  • To improve behavior of all the staff of this organisation towards patient care.
  • To ensure that hospital staff is keeping good health (periodical health check-ups and regular vaccination).
  • To help needy patients as and when required at no extra cost
  • To make the optimum use of non-renewable resources.
  • To gear up our ophthalmic care system to greatly reduce the waiting period for surgical treatment.
  • International Quality Treatment of Ophthalmology and Retinal disorders
  • To reduce waiting period of the patient for complete eye check up to a maximum of 45 minutes to an hour which is at present 1&1/2 hrs to 2 hrs.
  • To start fellowship in general ophthalmology and retinal diseases for post graduate eye doctors.
  • To continue internship for optometry students.
Team - Drushti - Eye and Retina Centre & Rajiv Nursing Home
Dr. Vatsal Parikh with staff
Dr. Vatsal Parikh in surgery