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Here is a brief insight into the various services provided to patients at Drushti Eye & Retina Centre.

Complete Eye Checkup

Complete eye check up includes detailed Slit lamp examination, detailed Slit Lamp examination, detailed, retinal examination; introcular pressure measurement besides vision and computerised spectacle checking. If required, various specialized investigation

Diabetic Retinopathy - Screening & Advanced Management

" A stitch in time saves nine " - Diabetic retinopathy is best treated when patient has no complaint but the disease process has already started, in such cases screening and timely treatment is both highly effective and very important. Treatment i

Retinal Angiography ( Fundus Fluorescein Angiography & Indocyanine Green Angiography)

It proves to be a great help in diagnosis and treatment of a variety of retinal conditions by demonstrating various features which are not visible on clinical examination. It also documents the retinal conditions for future progress. Indocyanine Gree

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

This is the latest & first imaging technique that provides minutest information(upto 10 microns) regarding the retinal layers using laser technology. OCT is most commonly used to diagnose macular disorders like macular hole, macular pucker, diabetic

Retinal Laser

Laser treatments have been a great help in the prevention and treatment of diabetic patient and various retinal disorders. It is an OPD procedure, recovery is quick and one can resume work immediately after.

Complete and Advanced Surgical Management of eye diseases, specially retina

Modern vitreo retinal techniques are now available to help treat patients who suffer from advanced vitreo retinal disorders. The technique has brought vision to even those patients that had lost all hopes of being able to see clearly again.

Indoor Facilities

Complete indoor facilities with homely atmosphere enables patient to relax when they are recuperating from their difficult illness.

Credit/ Debit Card Acceptance

We accept Payment by Credit/ Debit Card

Free Public Lectures at The Centre

Dr. Vatsal Parikh believes in educating people about various Eye Diseases and emphasising about their prevention and treatment in simple language.

Free PostGraduate Ophthalmologist Lectures

Dr. Vatsal Parikh periodically teaches Post graduates on various Retinal Disorders with plenty of patient materials and illustrations.

Live Surgery Demonstration

Dr. Vatsal Parikh is very open to what he does. He shows all surgeries live by high definition LCD tv in waiting lounge.