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An artist without his tools is but a myth. And Dr. Vatsal Parikh is the kind of man who wouldn't think twice before getting the best equipments available for the benefit of his patients. Here's a list of equipments that make this artists obsession with mastery and his tools quite clear.

Drushti Equipments
Optos Silverstone P200TxE

Silverstone is the most powerful tool yet for examining the retina, integrating high-speed Swept-Source OCT into the Optos ultra-widefield platform to provide game-changing clinical insight. Silverston produces 200° optomap images as a single capture in less than 0.5s, and UWF-guided Swept-Source OCT enables scanning across the retina and into the far periphery, & There is Fundus Fluroscence Angiography & Indocyanine Green Angiography also

Drushti Equipments
Steelco Steam Steriliser

Designed for the fast and efficient safe sterilization of solid or hollow wrapped and unwrapped instruments and porous loads. The Steelco TTA 18 and TTA 23 are the same size and the perfect fit for medical and dental clinics furniture. ECO FRIENDLY: Low water and energy consumption. SIMPLICITY: Easy to use interactive menu with clear screen, cycle information and warning messages

PRACTICAL: Fully opening upper reservoir for easy access

TRACKING: Integrated printer for sterilization cycles data.

Storage device for recording is available as option.

LOW NOISE LEVEL: Less than 50dB

EASY MAINTENANCE: Frontal air filter and easily removable panels for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Drushti Equipments
Medister Automatic Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer (ETO)

Compact design saves space

Automatic and manual design available. Process lamp indicators and alarms.Inbulit aerater-economy and safety. Dual model-can use cartridges and gas cylinder.Safe and easy to operator door lock. 

Drushti Equipments
Haag streit BQ900 LED powered slit lamp with Imaging module 900

The BQ 900 is equipped by default with a Galilean Microscope providing a magnification range from 6.3 × up to 40 × selectable in 5 fixed steps. The high light transmission and the optical excellence ensure a superb clinical view. The large diameter of the exit pupils allows fatigue-free examination even on long working days.

Drushti Equipments
Icare ic200 Tonometer

iCare IC200 Tonometer - introducing a new era in clinical tonometry

Key features

·         200-degree position freedom

·         Suitable for all patients

·         Improved reliability and accuracy

·         Improved probe control

·         Multiple language user interface

·         Wireless connection to iCare EXPORT

·         Wireless printing

Drushti Equipments
Appasamy Galaxy Robot Ophthalmic Vitrectomy machine & Phacoemulsifier,

isplay 10.4'' Anti-Glare Interactive soft touch clear LCD Display
Vitrectomy :
Cutter Type Pneumatic/Guillotine, Single, 60-8040CPM (Linear/NON-Linear) 23G, 25G, 27G Compatible
Type Two independent LED light source.
Intensity 10 - 100%
Fluid Air Exchange
Pressure Source Air pressure 5 - 100mmHg
Silicone Oil Control
Injection Mode Pressure 1 to 100psi.
Extraction Mode Vacuum 5 to 650mmHg.
Fragmentome Light weight, 6crystal, Longitudinal with the Effective hand piece, Frequency 28KHz.
Phaco Hand Piece Light weight, 6crystal, Longitudinal & Transverse (ORBITAL motion) with the Effective hand piece, Frequency 28KHz.
Phaco Modes Continuous, Pulse, Micro Pulse, Burst, MBurst, Occlusion Pulse, Occlusion Micro Pulse.
U/S Power 1-100%
Fluid Delivery Gravity fed, Continuous/Foot operated.
I/V POLE Motorized IV pole to Increase & Decrease the IV bottle height.
Aspiration Modes


Venturi, Pressurized gas or compressor feed.
Vacuum Level 5-650mmHg in (Linear/Non-Linear)
Type Compatible both Endo & Exo Diathermy.
Power Bipolar, 1.2W for 200(Ohms) 500KHZ, 8.5W for 350 (Ohms) 386KHZ
Control 5-100%(Linear/NON-Linear)
User Programmable
User 10 Independent user program modes.
Voice Assistance Voice assists for the all modes & functions.
Footswitch User Programmable Multifunctional & Foot Pedal for Angle & Side Buttons with reflux mechanism
Video Overlay Video overlay enabled in all modes.
Type Mobile trolley with motorized & manual IV pole.
Dimension 20cm (H) x 45cm (B) x 46cm (L)
Weight (Console) 11.8 Kg
Electrical Specification
Main power 110-230V AC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Rating 150 VA (max)

Drushti Equipments
LEICA M822 Operative Microscope with BIOM and SDI

The Leica M822 surgical microscope, with enhanced Red Reflex, meets the highest professional requirements of ophthalmic surgeons to perform cataract surgery more precisely and efficiently.


  • Illumination solution combining LED and halogen for brilliant, stable Red Reflex
  • Ergonomic design for intuitive control of the system and comfortable working position
  • High-definition video to share and discuss cases
  • Open architecture for easy integration of vitreoretinal accessories
  • Interchangeable floor stands F40 or F20 for upgradability

Drushti Equipments
KEELER 'PULSAIR' non contact Tonometer

Being hand-held, the patient no longer needs to be positioned on a chinrest, their IOP can be measured whilst the patient is already seated in the examination chair, thus saving both space and time.

Drushti Equipments
Computerized Lensometer (Topcon CL-100)

The Topcon CL-100 Computerized Lensmeter combines innovative technology with ease-of-use. Measurement of progressive lenses is fast and easy, with data presented clearly by a unique graphic display. The CL-100 automatically distinguishes a progressive lens and shifts the display to an hourglass representation; simply align the lens with the (+) target. S.C.A. data can be displayed in larger figures for faster, easier observation. Simply select Expanded or Normal data display from the Menu Box. The CL-100 provides fast, positive measurement data of all type of hard or soft contact lenses

Drushti Equipments
Topcon Aladin Optical Biometer

Conventional optical biometers provide accurate information for determining the spherical power of the IOL, but lack in  information to completely understand the refractive properties of the optical  system of the eye. 

Topcon presents the complete picture with the new ALADDIN.

ALADDIN supports the surgeon not only in his choice of the spherical power of the IOL, but also in his choice of the right premium IOL for each individual eye. 

Drushti Equipments
Topcon Yag Laser : LPULSA SYL 9000



  • Superior Crystal-Q Switch Laser Cavity
  • Slitlamp Integrated System
  • 5 Step Magnification Changer
  • ± 500 µm YAG posterior/anterior offset
  • Wide Field Optics
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) mode upgradeable
  • Auto Calibration Mode

Drushti Equipments
Endo Optik E4 endoscopic surgery equipment

This is an instrument which allows to operate patients of hazy cornea and retinal problems. It involves use of endoscopic camera and the surgeon looks on tv screen and operates the patients eye 

Drushti Equipments

This is the state of the art slit lamp with the latest digital photographic facility and archiving soft ware with flash unit FD 21 . It is very useful for educating patients and their relatives and fellow eye doctors.

Drushti Equipments
Oertli OS3 Vitrectomy System with Novitrex High Speed Vitrectomy set & 23 g. sutureless vitrectomy systems

The same Swiss manufacturer has the latest and the best vitrectomy unit with 3000 cuts and 23 g. self sealing system which is one of the top brands today

Drushti Equipments
Oertli OS3 Phacoemulsification System

Oertli, is a Swiss company known for precision and excellent foresight. This phako emulsification is one of the best in performance and technology with all the latest features of small incision phako emulsification and fragmentation.

Drushti Equipments
TOPCON TRC-50DX Type IA fundus camera-digital imaging system

Seeing is believing and documentation is the key to the patient management and scientific research. This is the best and latest camera from Topcon, a reputed Japanese company with 11 megapixel fundus camera, fluorescein angiography system with ICG angiography system and the latest autofluoresecnce features

Drushti Equipments
Iris Double Frequency Green Laser Complete System Including Slit Lamp, Indirect & Endodelivery System

Iridis , a German company is pioneer in diode and double frequency green laser . This instrument is must for treatment of various retinal disorders including diabetes mellitus. Slit lamp delivery system gives the accuracy of laser treatment when it is performed at macula, the most important structure for clarity of vision. Whereas indirect delivery system is the fastest for treating retina in general for lasers. Endodelivery system enables one to do laser during complex vitreoretinal surgeries.

Drushti Equipments
ZEISS- Humphreys Field Analyzer II- iseries

This kinetic perimeter from German company is one of the world trend setter and is used for glaucoma and various other neuroophthalmic disorders.

Drushti Equipments
Haag Streit BQ Slit Lamp

This is the best slit lamp microscope from the world renowned Haag Streit, Swiss Company used for detailed examination of the front structures of the eye; and with the use of special lenses it allows the examination of the vitreous and retina in the minutest detail.

Drushti Equipments
Zeiss SL 30 Slit Lamp

Zeiss is another best company from Germany making similar instrument as HaagStreit.. Together both of them make the best slit lamps available today; a basic yet the most important instrument for any eye examination

Drushti Equipments
Haag Streit Applanation Tonometer

This is gold standard instrument for the most accurate measurement of the intraocular pressure of the eye which is mounted on the slit lamp. Keeler pulsair tonometer is useful for fast screening and the applanation tonometer is useful for detecting the pressure accurately. This is made by the world famous Haag Streit, a German company

Drushti Equipments
Autorefractometer – TOPCON RM-A7000

This instrument, a Japanese make allows fast and near accurate assessment of the refractive power (spectacle glass number) of the patient’s eye. It saves considerable time when compared with retinoscopy; an age old technique for refraction.

Drushti Equipments

This simple device from Chinese company provides medical grade xenon light souce, the brightest today for retinal surgery.

Drushti Equipments
STORZ A-scan & Quantel Medical Axis II PR Immersion A-Scan

Storz is a trusted name in ophthalmic ultrasonic biometer and quantel; very reputed name for immersion biometry; a must test for any patient undergoing cataract surgery. It allows the most accurate measurement of the length of the eyeball and hence power calculation of the lens to be fitted in the eye.

Drushti Equipments
Streak Retinoscope

This is the gold standard instrument from German make which allows the determination of the refractive power of the eye (spectacle glass number)

Drushti Equipments
PCI E.T.O Semi Automatic Gas Sterilizer

There are many instruments used in eye operation which cannot be steam sterilized and needs to be gas sterilized. Eye is an important structure where one has to prevent infection at any cost or the vision may be permanently lost. PCI is a reputed Indian company which makes this sterilizer.

Drushti Equipments
Plantech examination unit

This is a motorized chair examination unit made by an Ahmedabad based company which has slit lamp and ophthalmoscope mounted on it along with the vision chart. The beauty of this unit is that the patient does not have to move from one chair to another for the basic eye examination. So, this is the patient friendly instrument.