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Surgery Videos

Triamcinolone powder as an adjunct for epiretinal membrane removal

this patient is having only one eye. He has retinal detachement with Proliferative vitreoretinopathy D2. In such cases triamcinolone can be used for induction of posterior vitreous detachment but not compulsory.

Triamcinolone powder as an adjunct for internal limiting membrane removal

This video shows that internal limiting membrane can be identified easily with triamcinolone powder and removed in macular hole patient.

Triamcinolone powder as an adjunct for epiretinal membrane removal

This patient had retinal detachment post IOL surgery, He underwent revitrectomy with base excision , and staining of fine epiretinal membrane at macula was made easy by triamcinolone, It made its removal easy and complete

Triamcinolone powder as an adjunct for epiretinal membrane removal

This short clip shows that triamcinolone powder gets adhered to the rough surface of epiretinal membrane situated between disc and macula in this video which can then be easily removed with focep

Post op Endophthalmitis

This patient had cataract operation,he developed severe inflammation after operation, he was treated with medications for 5 days, he did not improve, so he underwent vitrectomy. This video shows how nicely some of these patients can be operated with the best of surgical skill.

Diabetic Retinopathy

This patient had Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with blood in vitreous cavity and scar tissue on the retina. In the operation, the blood from the vitreous gel is removed first,then the posterior hyaloid is removed; the membrane on the retina is removed with forceps and scissors successfully and at the end laser is done and air is injected in the eye.

Macular Pucker

This patient had Macular Pucker or scar tissue on the macula; here vitrectomy surgery is performed where the edge of scar tissue is identified by scratching with diamond dusted scratcher. Then forcep is used to lift the membrane after staining with ICG green dye.

Macular Hole

This patient has macular hole (hole in the important part of retina). The vitrectomy procedure is done wherein the diseased vitreous gel is removed after staining it with triamcinolone injection. The internal limiting membrane is removed after staining it with the indocyanine green dye and the gas is injected to seal the macular hole.


This patient had lost vision after cataract surgery which was uneventful. she had infection in the eye for which she was given injection of antibiotics and steroids in the eye. She didnot improve , so she underwent vitrectomy procedure.Here, the pus from the front part of the eye (anterior chamber) is removed first with the cutter, then the pus from the back of the eye (vitreous cavity) is removed and the intravitreal injection of antibiotics are given. The patient responded well.

Endophthalmitis Post Complicated Cataract Surgery

This patient had complicated cataract surgery. He had infection in the eye after 2 years due to exposed suture. He underwent vitrectomy procedure to remove the pus from the anterior chamber ( the front part of the eye) and then from the back part . He underwent scleral flap implantation over the exposed suture to cover the flap. He recovered well.