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Surgery Videos

Ref No.12-00407 Scleral Buckling

This is patient had blur vision since 1 day. His visual acuity was 6/12 N36. He had temporal retinal detachment with macula partly detached. He underwent Scleral buckling surgery. The operation steps shows conjunctival opening, tagging of muscles, usuly then cryopexy is done which is not shown on the video followed by drainage of sub retinal fluid (which Detached Retina) & putting of scleral buckle & closusre of conjunctiva & there is post operative photographs which shows to nicely attached retina

Ref No :- 97-00910 Macular Hole

This patient had Macular Hole. He had undergone cataract operation & laser treatment to lattice degeneration in the past. The steps of vitreous surgery are shown in the video clip

Advanced Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (Ref No:-11-01660)

This patient Ref No.11-01660 had perception of light vision, rubeosis (New vessels on iris); in left eye. He was given intravitreal avastin injection & laser in left eye. The surgery clipping shows extent of proliferation at posterior pole. After doing core vitrectomy; the fibrovascular membrane is seprated, dissected & removed with cutter & scissor. There were 2-3 iatrogenic breaks; the remaining vitreous was removed at the vitreous base; laser was done, gas was injected and the scleral buckle was put.

Combined surgery for macular pucker

This patient had cataract with macular pucker. The surgery shows implantation of lens with vitrectomy & removal of epi retinal membrane. Patient has recovered normal vision with 6/12 N6

Removal Of Larva From The Eye

This video shows removal of Botfly from the vitreous cavity by vitrectomy, Initial picture shows the larva ion vitreous cavity which is held with intraocular forcep and removed as seen under microscope. Fundus is inspected by base depression to see any remnant or other larve, core vitrectomy is done to remove debris. Sclerotomy sites are sutured, Red glow is seen, so vitrectomy is done again to remove preretinal blood, sclerotomies are closed with vicryl and the intraocular pressure is formed by injecting saline in the eye. The larva had been initially subretinal so retina shows lots of scarring

lg sir

lg sir

Use of triamcinolone in vitreoretinal surgeries

This patient had hyphaema or blood in the eye and vitreous cavity, he underwent vitrectomy , subhyaloid blood was removed and macula looks normal, but gentle suction with flute needle gets the fine macular membrane adn the patient improved.

Use of triamcinolone in vitreoretinal surgeries

this lady had retinal detachement without apperent proliferative vitreoretinopathy, she had complicated cataract surgery and underwent vitrectomy by me. The areas in surgery initially look with no scarring , however triamcinolone powder delineated membrane and posterior hyaloid surface nicely enabling good surgery.

Use of triamcinolone in vitreoretinal surgeries

This patient has incomplete posterior hyaloid seperation, triamcinolone powder doesnot adhere the smooth surface of Posterior hyaloid at macula but adheres to the gel surrounding, So the macular area Posterior hyaloid is peeled with ILM forceps.

Use of triamcinolone in vitreoretinal surgeries

this patient had undergone vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy and developed recurrent membrane at macula for which she underwent revitrectomy, triamcinolone powder helps in identifying and removing this membrane.