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Surgery Videos

Ref No:- 11-01587 (Mr.Upendra Shah) Phaco with Silicon Oil Removal

This patient had vitrectomy for giant retinal tear. He underwent silicon oil removal along with cataract & lens implant operation. Initial part of the clip shows silicon oil removal from the eye the later part shows cataract operation. Initial opening in the capsular bag is made the nucleas is rotated it goes behind it is retrieved by phaco fragmentation (Phaco emulsification done in vitreous cavity) after the nucleaus is removed another lens is put in the sulcus.

Ref No:- 12-00490 vitrectomy for Retinal detachment (Mrs. Jyotsna Vora)

This patient had retinal detachment in left eye with large Retinal Horse Shoe Tears. She underwent vitreous surgery to remove diseased vitreous by cutter, also at vitreous base. Steroid powder which was injected to stain vitreous went sub retinal through retinal breaks it was removed through retinotomy (Induced Retinal Break) near optic disc. Sub retinal steroid powder was removed, sub retinal fluid was drained through retinal break & retina was reattached & laser was done to retinal break, 5000 CS silicon oil was injected, no scleral buckle was put. The post operative photographs showed nicely attached retinal with good laser marks.

Ref No 07 01860 Phaco with IOL Implant ( Mrs. Komal Fofandi)

This lady had a soft cataract. Initial opening in the capsule made after staining the capsule bluish with dye then cataract removed by phaco aspiration & foldable intra ocular lens put in the eye

Ref No- 12-00293 Vitrectomy For Retinal detachment ( Mr. Narendra Patel)

This patient had acute retinal detachment. He underwent vitrectomy to removed opaque vitreous, reattaching retina by removing fluid form beneath retina & injecting air, doing cryopexy & putting scleral buckle. The pre operative photographs shows superior detachment & the post operative photographs shows retina nicely attached.

Ref No:- 11-01587 Mr. Upendra Shah

Mr. Upendra Shah had Giant Retinal Tear with Detachment. Initial video shows opening of conjunctiva (Outer layer of eye) then making opening in the eye for vitreous surgery then doing vitrectomy where in opaque vitreous is removed with vitreous cutter & Giant retinal tear is seen in one corner. After putting perflurocarbon liquid the retina is reattached is nicely. Laser (Green light) is being applied to the giant retinal tear. Silicon oil is injected, scleral buckle is put beneath muscles with stitches & conjunctiva is closed. The last photograph is shows post operative attached retina.

Ref No 09-02043 Vitrectomy for PDR

Ref No 09-02043 Vitrectomy for PDR

Ref No:-11-02055 Mrs. Rekha Parikh

Cataract Surgery

Ref No.12-00407 Scleral Buckling

This is patient had blur vision since 1 day. His visual acuity was 6/12 N36. He had temporal retinal detachment with macula partly detached. He underwent Scleral buckling surgery. The operation steps shows conjunctival opening, tagging of muscles, usuly then cryopexy is done which is not shown on the video followed by drainage of sub retinal fluid (which Detached Retina) & putting of scleral buckle & closusre of conjunctiva & there is post operative photographs which shows to nicely attached retina

Ref No :- 97-00910 Macular Hole

This patient had Macular Hole. He had undergone cataract operation & laser treatment to lattice degeneration in the past. The steps of vitreous surgery are shown in the video clip

Advanced Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (Ref No:-11-01660)

This patient Ref No.11-01660 had perception of light vision, rubeosis (New vessels on iris); in left eye. He was given intravitreal avastin injection & laser in left eye. The surgery clipping shows extent of proliferation at posterior pole. After doing core vitrectomy; the fibrovascular membrane is seprated, dissected & removed with cutter & scissor. There were 2-3 iatrogenic breaks; the remaining vitreous was removed at the vitreous base; laser was done, gas was injected and the scleral buckle was put.