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Surgery Videos

Ref No:- 12-00922 Mr. Krupesh Parekh

Scleral Buckling

Ref No:- 12-01029 Mr. Narayan Darekar

Vitrectomy for vitreous haemorrhage

Ref No:- 07-00481 Mr. Praful Jhaveri

Phaco with Vitrectomy

Ref No:- 12-00995 Mrs. Bharti Tulaskar

Cataract Extraction With IOL Implant Surgery

Mr. Hansaraj Patel Ref No:- 12-00763

Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment

Mrs. Rajul Shah

Cataract Extraction With IOL Implant

Ref No:- 12-00747

Vitrectomy for Macular Pucker

Ref No: 12-00759 Mrs. Nanda Shah (Cataract Surgery)

Cataract Extraction With IOL Implant

Ref No- 12-00404 Mrs. Avantika Bhatt Scleral Buckling

This lady had bullous detachment she underwent scleral buckling operation, in this operation conjunctiva is open first allround, muscles of eye are theraded. The retinal hole is localised & cryoed. opening is made in sclera to remove sub retinal fluid which is caused retina detachment. Scleral sutures are passed, silicon buckle is put beneath the muscle to support the retinal hole, air is injected. Conjunctiva is closed all round.

Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment with Decentered Intra Ocular Lens (Ref No:- 12-00473 Mr. Rajendra Atre)

This patient had Retinal detachment with decentered intra ocular implant. The surgery clip shows the centration of IOL. Then doing a procedure called vitrectomy where is diseased. Vitreous is removed by cutter; The epiretinal & subretinal membrane or scar tissue is removed. Retina put back in position, laser is done to retinal holes, Silicon oil is injected; sclerotomies (The opening in eye) are sutured. Scleral buckle is put & conjunctival is sutured. Patient has done well