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Surgery Videos

Ref No- 17.00902

Vitrectomy for proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Ref No 16-00445

Vitrectomy for detachment

Ref No- 07-01405

Cataract extraction with IOL implant

Ref No:17-01007

Vitrectomy with gas for retinal detachment

Ref No17-01011

Vitrectomy for Detachment with Proliferative vitreo retinopathy

Ref NoL 17-00084

Vitrectomy for macular detachment

Ref No 17-00881

Vitrectomy for Endophthalmitis

Ref No :- 17-00893

Cataract extraction with IOL implant

Ref No 17-00943

Vitrectomy for macular pucker

Ref No: 17-00790

Vitrectomy for macular hole