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Interesting Cases

Importance of complete eye examination before cataract surgery
This 68 years old male came to for routine eye check up

His visual acuity counting finger 2mt N12 in right eye & counting finger 1ft

Both eyes cataract , Left eye Denser then Right eye

You can see picture 1. of right eye OCT image showed normal macula but picture is hazy due to  cataract and retina normal

on fundus foto though view hazy.

You can see picture 2. there is scar on macula which is seen in slit lamp microphotography but OCT not possible due to

density of cataract.

The scar on macula in left eye is visible only on indirect ophthalmoscopy & just seen on slit lamp biomicroscopy.

Left eye cataract surgery will not recover good vision as there is scar on macula, no matter even if premium IOL is inserted.

This case highlights importance of complete eye examination before cataract surgery to avoid unhappy patient post operatively.