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Interesting Cases

Follow up Must In Retina Patient's
  • This 40 year old male came to me on 20-02-2017 with complaint of cobweb like thing seen in right eye since a month back
  • His visual acuity was 6/6 N12 in both eyes
  • Fundus showed fibrous proliferation with 3 holes & subclinical detachment ( minimal) in right eye & both eyes had healed periflebitis
  • Same day prophylactic laser treatment was done for Right eye retinal hole with minimal retinal detachment
  • Then he came to me on 26-08-2020 with no follow up in between
  • On 26-08-2020 he came with complaint of blurring of vision & redness in right eye since 15 days 
  • His visual acuity was Perception of light in right eye & left eye was 6/6p
  • Fundus showed Total detachment with Rubeosis in right eye & healed choroiditis in left eye
  • This case is to illustrate importance of follow up in such case so that timely treatment can be given