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Interesting Cases

Whether gauge is important in vitreous surgery ?
  • I would like to share a thought with you today the trend is towards 27g vitrectomy with 10,000 to 12,000 cut rate, which is probably also commercially driven to remain ahead in the race.
  • But the simple fact remains that a good surgery is a must irrespective of 23, 25 or 27gauge vitrectomy.
  • The first patient 20years old seen by us a year back had advanced fibro vascular membrane over disc & going superiorly.
  • He underwent vitrectomy elsewhere with 27g & has large holes in retina & No PL vision in the eye post-surgery.
  • The second patient 21 years old had advanced fibro vascular membrane from the disc going superiorly with tractional detachment.
  • He underwent 23g vitrectomy at our place & has recovered with 6/36 N8p vision post op.
  • Both eyes patient had Eale’s Disease