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Interesting Cases

Ref No:- 12-01838 Vitrectomy for Giant Retinal Tear with Retinal Detachment

·         This 58 yr old male presented to me in sept 2012 with complaints of seeing flashes and floaters in right eye since 7 days and 3 days, respectively, and a curtain like obstruction to vision since then.

·          On examination, the vision in right eye was Counting Fingers 3mt, improving to 6/60 with pin hole.

·         Slit lamp examination showed a cataract, and fundus showed red vitreous hemorrhage, with a suspect giant retinal tear (GRT) upper nasally.

·         Sonograpohy showed vitreous hemorrhage, with a flap seen in upper nasal quadrant, due to the giant retinal tear. 

·         On follow up 2 days later, the hemorrhage had cleared a bit, with vision improving to 6/24p, and retina was visible, with GRT and retinal detachment seen. However laser to the tear was not possible because of the cataract.

·         He underwent cataract extraction with vitrectomy on 1-10-12, with c3f8 gas and scleral buckling.

·         Post op, the best corrected vision in RE improved to 6/6p, and retina has remained well attached.