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Interesting Cases

Postoperative endophthalmitis (infection) managed with vitrectomy with excellent result (Ref No:10-01965)
This 56 year old male came to me on 23-09-10 with a complaint of diminished vision in left eye post cataract surgery which was done on 21-09-10. Vision in left eye was Hand movement. He had white pus (hypopyon) in the front of the eye, and fundal glow was seen.
He was initially started with intravenous antibiotics. With that, the pus in front of eye had started clearing, but vitreous was not clearing so he underwent core vitrectomy on 29-09-2010. There was incomplete posterior vitreous detachment ( as also seen on Bscan done preoperatively). No vigorous attempts to induce posterior vitreous detachment were made.
He underwent Revitrectomy for Endophthalmitis on 7-10-10.
Post operatively he has recovered full vision to 6/6P,N6 in left eye.