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Interesting Cases

Cataract with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Ref No:08-00592)
This 79 yr old male presented on 13-3-08 with reduced vision in both eyes since 3 months. vision in right eye was 6/18, N12p, and in left eye was Hand movement. There was significant cataract in both eyes, and fundus showed Retinitis Pigmentosa.
The fundus autofluorescence showed that right eye macula was better than left eye.
Considering right eye retina was better, that eye was operated first, and vision improved to 6/9,N6. Seeing the good results in right eye, the left eye was operated a year later and vision improved to Counting Fingers Close to Face.
However at follow up on 29-11-10, vision in both eyes had dropped to Hand movement, due to worsening of retinopathy