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Interesting Cases

Cataract with Diabetic Maculopathy (Ref No:- 04-01765)
This 61 yr old patient, known diabetic since 20 yrs, presented in 2008, with reduced vision in both eyes. Vision in right eye was 6/18 N8p, and in left eye was 6/9, N6. There was early cataract in both eyes, and fundus showed diabetic maculopathy.
Patient initially received focal laser for the maculopathy in both eyes. Then he underwent cataract surgery in both eyes – phacoemulsification with IOL implant, with intravitreal steroid injection. Right eye was operated in Aug 2008, and Left eye operated in Feb 2010. Post op he again received focal laser in both eyes.
3 years later, at last follow up he is doing well, with final vision as 6/6, N8 in right eye and 6/6, N6 in left eye.