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Interesting Cases

Cataract with Parafoveal Telangiectasia ( Ref No 02-01069)
This 69 yr male, initially presented in 2002. Vision at that time was 6/9, N6 Right Eye and 6/6, N6 Left Eye. He came on 14-06-2011, with reduced vision both eyes since 6-8 months. Vision was 6/24,N36 in Right Eye and 6/18p, N12 in Left Eye. Right Eye had significant cataract.
He first underwent cataract surgery -phaco with IOL in Right Eye, on 28-6-11, following which Vision improved to 6/9, N8. On 28-11-11, Left Eye was operated for cataract surgery -phaco with IOL, and Left Eye Vision improved to 6/9, N6.