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Interesting Cases

Vitrectomy for recurrent retinal detachment post scleral buckling Ref no.11-01752

       This 40 year old female presented on 18-8-11 with sudden drop in vision in right eye since 2 days. BCVA was 6/9, N6 and fundus showed acute inferior retinal detachment, with HST at 6 Oclock.

       She was operated for scleral buckling on 19-8-11. Post op there was inferior fluid and break on the buckle was open. She was asked to maintain shirsashan position (head down) in the ward for inferior break for few days, however the retina developed recurrent detachment with folds.

       Vitrectomy with oil for recurrent RD was done on 30-8-11. Next day retina was attached. Silicon oil removal was done on 8-5-12.

       At her last follow up on 20-7-12, the BCVA in right eye was 6/24, N12p and retina had remained attached. Vision was probably less due to developing cataract.