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Interesting Cases

Eale's Disease treated with Surgery

·         This 23 yr old male presented in 2005 with inferotemporal periphlebitis, and was diagnosed as Eales disease.

·         He was started on oral steroids and AKT, however disease process remained active and 3 months later was started on immunosuppressive treatment – T.azathioprine

·         He further worsened to develop florid NVD and tractional detachment, and underwent PRP laser followed by vitrectomy with gas insertion for the same on 17/3/06.

·         6 years later on follow up on 24/2/12, his visual acuity is 6/6, N6 in right eye, retina is well attached and no new lesions seen.

·         This case illustrates usefulness of vitreous surgery in a case of vasculitis.