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Interesting Cases

A case of one eyed Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
  • 39 year old male, known case of diabetic and hypertension on treatment, presented with reduced vision in left eye.
  • The right eye had been operated for retinal detachment elsewhere, and he had received 3 sittings of PRP laser in both eyes.
  • On examination, his vision in right eye was PL+, and left eye was 6/18, N36. The IOP was normal in both eyes.
  • Fundus in right eye showed total retinal detachment, which was inoperable. The left eye fundus showed fibrous proliferation and subretinal band with tractional detachment involving the macula.
  • He underwent bimanual 23 G vitrectomy with gas insertion.
  • 1 month postop, the BCVA in left eye improved to 6/12p,N18 .
  • Fundus showed disc pallor, with subretinal scar at macula, but retina was well attached.
  • The total surgery duration was 45mins because of Bimanual 23G vitrectomy 
  • This case illustrates usefulness of timely proper vitrectomy. Patient lost the other eye with similar situation elsewhere.