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Interesting Cases

Importance of proper pre op examination
  •  Patient presented with scotoma of  4 days duration in right eye & has 6/9 N6 vision with Acute superior retinal detachment



What is unusual about this detachment?
Patient has undergone bilateral phaco with IOL
surgeries & recently yag laser capsulotomy both
Patient has multiple rows of lattice degeneration in
left eye which is not still detached!
Patient would have had lattice degeneration in
right eye also which if could have been lasered
before or after cataract operation or before yag
laser or after yag laser, one would have avoided
this detachment
Prophylactic treatment of lattice degeneration
prior to cataract surgery is age old practice.
If everyone learns & sees perifery of retina with
indirect opthalmoscopy which is not so difficult this
could definitely be avoided. Though we all are
good surgeons we need to become good clinicians