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Interesting Cases

Multiple Surgeries For Retinal Detachment
  • 56 year old male presented on 21/2/09 with blurred vision in right eye since 3 days
  •  VA was Hand Movement  and fundus evaluation revealed a superior retinal detachment
  • He underwent scleral buckling, and at 2 months the BCVA was 6/9 with correction
  • 14 months later, on 22/4/10 he had a redetachment superiorly and pneumoretinopexy was done
  • The vision improved to 6/6p post pneumoretinopexy
  •  6 months later on 4/10/10, he had a recurrent detachment of upper nasal retina, with a break at 4 oclock, though his vision was 6/6,N6
  •  He underwent vitrectomy with C3F8 gas. BCVA improved to 6/6, which is maintained till date
  • This case summary shows that, timely diagnosis and enthusiastic treatment can achieve excellent results even after multiple surgeries.