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Interesting Cases

Ref No:-06-01334 Importance of timely vitreous surgery

       This 60 years old male presented with proliferative diabetic retinopathy in both eyes.

       His vision in Right eye was Counting Finger @ 3 mt, N10, he had new vessels and fibrous tissue over posterior pole. After laser, the new vessels regressed but traction on macula increased, hence he underwent vitrectomy.

       Postop the vision was 6/36, due to macular hole.

       In the left eye, the vision was 6/24, N10. This eye was not operated and vision deteriorated to CF 3mt, < N36, in 8 months. This was due to fibrous tissue causing traction at the macula.

       This case emphasises the importance of timely vitreous surgery, to prevent deterioration of vision.