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Interesting Cases

Posterior sub capsular cataract with cystoid macular edema


  • 68 yr old female came with decreased vision in right eye, and a past history of uveitis.
  • Vision in Right eye was 6/24p, N18, Left Eye was 6/6.
  • Slit lamp examination showed posterior subcapsular cataract in both eyes, R > L.
  • Fundus examination was hazy in RE due to cataract.
  • An OCT was done to rule out other causes for reduced vision, and it showed cystoid macular edema in Right Eye.
  • The macular edema was initially treated, following which patient will undergo cataract surgery.
  • This case highlights the role of OCT in evaluation of patients with reduced vision. If cataract surgery had been done without diagnosing macular edema, the vision would not have improved even after surgery.