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Interesting Cases

Case of Giant Tear with Retinal Detachment

I would like to share my view on scleral buckling in present era of modern vitreoretinal surgeries.

Though vitrectomies have become much advanced with better instrumentations and techniques, scleral buckling alone or in combination of vitrectomy is important in good majority of cases. This case highlights the same.

This patient as seen in preop. Photograph) had 90 degree giant retinal tear in upper temporal quadrant with localized retinal detachment. He underwent vitrectomy, PFCL injection, endolaser, silicone oil injection and scleral buckling. Retina reattached very well. However he developed inferior large break in lower temporal quadrant periphery which is on buckle and hence retina did not redetach (2nd foto) and has been successfully lasered (3rd photo).  Had buckle not been there, retina could have redetached needing more surgery.