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Interesting Cases

Case of Multiple Retinal Detachment surgries


·         A c/o Young patient aged 17 years,

·         With H/O cricket ball injury & defective vision of 4 days duration (on 11-04-2006)

·         O/E AOV 6/36

·          IOP of 34 mm of hg

·         Fundus : Inferior Retinal Detachment with Giant Tear & Contracted Inferior retina with macula off in right eye.

·          Advised 1st vitrectomy with silicon oil, endolaser & buckle on 13-04-2006 

·         On Review,  Retina Attached  with vision improved to  6/18

·          2nd surgery of silicon oil removal done on 04-10-2006 followed by Fibrin Reactio0n & Recurrent Inferior Retinal Detachment  for which he underwent Re-vitrectomy with Cataract Extraction & Silicon Oil Injection on 27-11-2006.

·          On 11/12/2009 Silicon oil was removed & secondary PCIOL placed in the sulcus

·         He has maintained 6/36 N24 vision with nicely attached retina with IOP under control without medication.
This case beautifully illustrates good result in bad Retinal detachment with proliferative vitreo retinopathy with proper timing of surgeries.