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Interesting Cases

Case Of Recurrent Retinal Detachment in One eyed patient


·         Th is patient , 54years male came to me on 02 March 2010 complaining of Blurred vision in Right Eye and his vision was Hand movement

·         He had undergone two  retinal  detachment operation in right eye in last 1 month and still had recurrent retinal detachment.

·         He had undergone multiple operations for retinal detachment in left eye and had no vision in left eye.

·         His  two brothers had Retinal Detachment.

·         Right eye showed  Recurrent total Detachment of Retina and was operated the very same day by vitreous surgery , silicone oil injection and laser.

·         He is under follow up and has attached retina and recovered 6/60 vision after operation.

·         This case highlights  good results with vitreous surgery  even in such not so good situation.