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Combined retinal surgery for macular pucker

·         Ref no (11-01077) 77 years old gentleman came to me on 13/5/2011 with the complaints of Left eye diminished vision, and distorted vision since 2-3 months.

·         On examination, his left eye vision was CF-3mts;N36.

·         Fundus examination revealed macula dull, view hazy due to cataract.

·         He underwent OCT which showed vitreomacular traction. He underwent Phaco with IOL with Vitrectomy on 24-5-2011.

·         Post operatively he was doing well, his left eye improved to 6/12;N6.

·         This case highlights the importance of combined retinal and cataract surgery for macular pucker, with good postoperative results.


dr vatsal parikh
dr vatsal parikh